So you have made the brave decision to produce a short charity video, the question is how are you going to pay for it? This is particularly difficult to answer for those small charities whose budgets are already incredibly stretched. So to help you make that investment into creating a compelling video, I have put together some options for charity film funding.

The first thing to figure out before you approach anyone for funding is what the aims of your video are and how these are going to be measured. So if it’s to encourage one off donations, what is your target amount? If it’s to inform supporters of your work, how and where will it be shown? If it’s to increase regular givers, by how much? These are going to be hard to answer but take the time to do the research and the results will help to focus your planning.


You may already be partnered up with a Corporate or have contacts at a local business who you think might be warm to the idea of sponsoring a charity video. The key is to research, plan and pitch!
Don’t just send a blanket email to all the businesses in your area, make a targeted pitch to a company who is likely to sponsor your video – it will be such a better use of your time. Before choosing who to approach research local businesses or individuals in companies who have sponsored charity events or products before. Think about those who might have a connection with your cause, for example homelessness with estate agents or who would have an commercial interest in reaching your supporters.
Once you have researched your target business, put together a pitch. This needs to formal, easy to understand and appealing from a business sense. Include how many people you are aiming to reach, what the fundraising return on investment will be and be clear about what they will get in return in terms of PR, logo placement, thanks in newsletters etc.
Most importantly, don’t forget that people in corporate’s are still people. Make them passionate about the amazing work that you do and how by sponsoring your video, they can be part of the solution to the problem that your charity is working to solve.


Whilst there aren’t many Trusts who will fund marketing costs, don’t write off making a funding application. Provided you can demonstrate what the impact your charity video will have, its worth submitting applications to those who would cover this kind of cost. My advice would be to have a look at small, local Trusts and get in touch with them, build a relationship and explain what a difference your video will make. There are also some national funder’s who is it worth applying to:

Making A Difference Locally allows local Nisa’s to support charities in their area. Applications can be submitted for funding up to £10,000 and marketing is not excluded, so your video could be covered. Pop into your local Nisa for more information.
The Foyle Foundation fund core costs, projects or equipment and are pretty flexible provided you can demonstrate the difference the money will make. Applications can be made between £1000 and £10,000.
The Masonic Charitable Foundation fund core costs and it is worth submitting an application emphasising what a difference you could make with the increased fundraising or awareness your video will result in.


Your supporters are your biggest advocates. Out of everyone, they are the individuals who want you to be able to continue your essential work and help even more people. So why wouldn’t they want to be involved with producing a charity video that will help you achieve your aims?! In fact I bet you can already think of one or two key supporters who might be up for sponsoring a short video.
The key again is reseach and plan. Think about what it is about the video that would resonate with your key supporter. Is it the production process, is it the potential increased reach or is it the opportunity to leave a legacy by helping to create an invaluable asset for your charity. Tailor your ask to them, thinking about their motivation and make sure that they have the opportunity to give their input within reason.
Remember, your supporters want to help you and this is a fantastic chance for them to do this in a special way.

However you get funding for your charity video, it is essential that you take care of this investment. Its not just about creating a film, its about planning what you want to say, testing the message and making sure that you have everything in place to be able to market it in a targeted way. We want to make sure that your video is successful as possible. Contact us to find out how we can help to make the most of your video investment. Because our passion is your story.