Following the Coronavirus outbreak, charities are being forced to move their fundraising online. Could a charity animation be part of your digital strategy? Virtual events are popping up all over social media and emergency appeals are becoming the norm. Now more than ever, charities need engaging digital content to stand out and connect with supporters. Unfortunately, because of the lockdown, high quality, storytelling videos with beneficiaries are impossible. This does not mean that you can’t use video, you just have to be a bit more creative!

We recently worked with the brilliant youth homeless charity SASH to create a short charity animation to let their supporters know how their donations are spent. The brief was to create a film that was light hearted, engaging and appealing to a wide audience.

We think that the best way to connect with supporters is through storytelling, whether that is the story of your beneficiaries, your charity or the work that you do. There is no reason why animation can’t tell a story and we wanted to focus on one young person throughout this film. It is informative but in a creative way that puts the beneficiary at the centre, as they should be.

During these difficult times, where charities can’t create films with people connected to their cause, there is no reason why animations can’t be used instead. Our advice would be to think creatively and listen to what your supporters want to hear. Answer their questions or reinforce their reasons to support with something engaging.

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