Working with Craig Taubman, the founder of the amazing Pico Union Project in Los Angeles, on this charity animation was an absolute pleasure!
Pico Union Project is a multi-faith cultural arts centre that strives to invigorate the community of Los Angeles by bringing diverse cultures together through song, story, art and activism. Whether through the distribution of free fresh produce or planting trees that sow seeds of hope – the Project is deeply committed to be a source of light for all.

Our brief was to create an engaging animation that honoured their inspiring friends at the charity Seeds of Hope. The animation was to be used as part of the ‘No Show Fundraising Ball,’ raising funds in response to the increase in demand for their services during the pandemic.

For this animation, John hand-drew characters and scenery based on pictures of the project and the 3 people associated with the Seeds of Hope. He made sure that he listened to the brief and kept it engaging throughout.

“Sometimes things are great, sometimes less than great, and then there are times when everything clicks and works – because it was meant to be. It is no accident that I found Emma and her team at The Saltways. There sending good intentions into the social media world and I was looking for a good partner. They were in London and I was on the other side of the globe – distance does not matter when you are seeking greatness.
Emma and John know how to create great content, because they know how to listen. And when you listen – great things are possible!”

Craig Taubman, The Pico Union Project

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