Every charity is unique, with different needs, budgets and resources. We want to make sure that all charities are able to use video content, regardless of size and experience. Our prices are all transparent and we aim to give the full quote at the beginning, without adding any extra costs. Wherever we can, we will save you money and do everything to ensure that your investment is a safe one!

To have a chat about any of these packages, or something bespoke, please email


Do you already have some short films that could do with a spruce? We can work with you to re-edit existing material to make it feel more relevant, up to date and fit with any campaigns you have planned. Within this price we will also include your branding and royalty free music. 


We can create a new short film using your images plus any new or existing footage. Together, we can storyboard ideas, come up with scripts and make sure that your new film fits in with any campaigns that you have planned. The Storytelling aspect can still come through and together we can create a compelling short film. This price would also include graphics, formatting, branding and royalty free music. 
ANIMATE IT - £1300

Do you want something completely new that can tell your story in a unique way? Animation could be the answer. We have fantastic animators on board who can create something very simple and special. We would work together before-hand to decide on storyboards, scripts and messaging. The price would be for a short minute animation and would include all formatting and royalty free music. 

If you are running a new campaign and need a supporting video but don't know where to start, we can help! Together, we come up with a concept based on messaging that fits your cause. We use big charity methods to test messaging before putting together the plan for your film. We film a high quality, emotive piece that fits with your charity and your unique needs. Once the film is finished, we help to plan where and how it will be distributed, including support with the wider campaign. The price would be for a short video and would include all formatting, graphics and royalty free music. It would also include fundraising consultancy.  

Need help planning a campaign, boost your social media presence or to put together a workable fundraising strategy? We offer consultancy on an £30 an hour, hourly basis. Click here for more info...

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