How Your Money is Spent, SASH

SASH is a youth homelessness charity that works across York, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. They help young people aged 16–25 who are facing homelessness.

The Brief

SASH wanted to create an animation to help with fundraising and transparency when people ask how their donation is spent.

The Process

We started by breaking down the costs of running the charity with SASH. We decided on a storytelling approach that showed the human impact of a donation. Once we have storyboarded the animation, we shared it with the team to get their sign off—it was really important that the film was engaging but alo factual. The animation was then used as part of a donor retention campaign.

The Results

The animation was sent to all donors and resulted in a new major donor who contributed £35,000 towards a project. She commented on how she appreciated the transparency that SASH had shown.