Who are The Saltways?

We’re specialists in charity films that matter—because we know charities.

We’ve all worked with or for charities throughout our careers, so we understand the unique challenges and rewards of charity filmmaking. We recognise your audiences and which messages need to shine through. We understand fundraising, brand and the people you support. 

Most of the time, our films meet the brief but also provide versatile content for re-use in different contexts. So you get authentic, engaging films that always deliver the best possible value for your charity.


Emma is a charity professional with experience of working in charities of all sizes, focusing on fundraising and communications. She is passionate about ethical storytelling and supporting co-created charity video and animation.
I decided to start 
The Saltways as I wanted to help charities to change the world through authentic storytelling. Charities of all sizes should have access to this."
All charities should be able to create films that have an impact, without heavy production or effects. If you give people the space to tell their story, you will get the results you need."


Peter is a film and documentary maker with years of experience that has seen him work all over the world. Through his work, he has built a thriving network of expert freelancers  who now collaborate with The Saltways.

Our Values


Our team has a ‘can do’ attitude. We have big ambitions for our business, our team and the charities we work with.


We treat everyone that we work with, with respect; storytellers, our team, your team, the planet and the communities we serve.


Sharing our skills, celebrating success and helping people to make change is what we are all about.


We give charities, storytellers and our team the space they need. We embrace the unexpected and adapt quickly.

Our Wonderful Team

At the heart of The Saltways is an extraordinary team of creatives and charity professionals. Each one has been carefully hand-picked for their talent and commitment to the third sector.