The Saltways is a production company dedicated to creating films exclusively for charities. We are made up of charity professionals, documentary makers, fundraisers, film editors, graphic designers and animators. Our mission is to help charities to tell their stories. We are passionate, reliable, creative and have a true understanding of the charity sector.


Emma Bracegirdle


I am charity professional with over 10 years’ experience. I have worked in different sized charities, focusing on fundraising, campaigns and comms. I set up The Saltways after becoming frustrated with the lack of understanding many production companies had of the unique needs of the charity sector. I am passionate about sharing skills and making sure that all of the charities we work with get the most out of their film. When not working on films, I love being outdoors and eating out 🙂

Peter Butler


I am a filmmaker and cinematographer with years of experience that has seen me work in London, New York, LA & Kosovo. I’ve worked with UK Arts Council, Library Films, Netflix, EMI, VICE Studios and Shortlist Magazine. I decided to set up The Saltways with my sister Emma to help charities produce high quality and meaningful films. I am passionate about enabling people to tell their stories. I also spent years touring and recording music around Europe as a musician and write original music for all our films.

John Butler

Animator and Graphic Design

As an animator and graphic designer, I focus on human stories and in the past couple of years I have worked extensively with charities to deliver narrative animations that express the desired message in a relatable way. I’m a versatile artist who is comfortable with working with a variety of styles and applications. I love to travel and have worked all across the world.

Harry Johnson

Filmmaker and Videographer

Whilst working in the film and media industry I have been included in many productions as well as producing my own material. I have experience in the key areas of pre-production, principal photography and postproduction working in crews of varying sizes. I am always looking to work on projects with positive goals and to work with people who take pride in their work. As well as making films, I am a keen boxer and love dogs!


  • Melissa
    The Saltways team was very attentive to our needs. They thought outside the box to make this project a success while sticking to our budget.
  • The film gave us goosebumps and it was an absolute breeze to work with the team.
    The Family Holiday Association
  • Absolutely delighted with the work produced by Emma, John and the team. They took the time to understand our story and translate it it a simple but effective film and powerful series of animations. Wouldn't hesitate in working with them again and recommending them to any charity with a story to tell.
  • As a small charity hiring professionals can be a bit of a worry but Emma made the process really easy, she was clear about costs and stuck to our agreed budget.
  • We are over the moon with the results and all of the work around it that made it a success.
  • Working with Emma and the team at The Saltways exceeded our expectations. The care taken, and their attention to detail, resulted in a beautiful and sensitively produced film. It was an absolute joy to collaborate with them on this special project.
    The Aplastic Anaemia Trust
  • One of the unique things about The Saltways is that the team truly understand charities and the messages that we need to share.
    The Two Ridings Community Foundation

The wonderful charities we have worked with


We take the time to understand the work you do and who you help, sharing our knowledge along the way. Together we create effective films that get results. 


Whatever you need – we have got your back!