Our Story, The Yard

The Yard is a Scottish charity supporting disabled children and young people aged 0-25 through adventure play.  Since 1986, they have been offering creative and inclusive play experiences in a well-supported environment, alongside wraparound support for the whole family.

The brief

The Yard wanted to create a new fundraising film.

The process

We started with several deep dive meetings with the team to establish their audience, message and what they wanted to achieve with the films. We decided to focus on a family that used The Yard and film with them at home and at the centre.

We helped the charity to choose which family to film and the volunteers to feature by holding pjhone interviews with several storytellers. Once we had chosen the family, we asked them how and when they would like to be filmed, and what story they wanted to tell. By co-powering the family, they knew that they had control over the situation. They met the crew online beforehand and were fully briefed on what to expect on the day.

After the shoot, we realised in the edit that there was so much strong footage, there were two films here. So we edited two films – one that told the families story and one that focused more on the work that the charity does.

The Results

The film was used as part of a fundraising ball and raised more than £114k.The charity continue to use both films to raise awareness and funds.